dr.  Biljana Simikic

Commonwealth Care Alliance aims to improve healthcare for people with disabilities

dr. Biljana Simikic

dr.  Biljana Simikic

Recently, a team of researchers, including from the University of Massachusetts Medical School at Worcester, published a study which found that the attitude of many physicians towards patients with disabilities is a significant barrier to care. In the focus groups, nearly all participating physicians said they had little or no training on the Americans with Disabilities Act, and several suggested that providing accommodations under the law was cumbersome or overwhelming. Some have even described how they deny care to patients with disabilities or attempt to get them out of their practice.

As a primary care physician who has dedicated his career to helping adults and children with significant health care needs, including disabilities, I was not surprised by these results. These stigmas contribute to health disparities that have long prevented – and may even discourage – people with disabilities from getting the basic care they need to stay healthy and safe. For example, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that one in four adults with disabilities between the ages of 45 and 64 have not had a routine check-up in the past year. As part of our efforts to improve health equity, health care organizations must commit to inclusion and competence in the care of people with disabilities.

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