NavigateYOU supports a culture of personal growth, inclusiveness and fairness, promoting employee well-being and mental health

NavigateYOU supports a culture of personal growth, inclusiveness and fairness, promoting employee well-being and mental health

DES MOINES, Iowa, December 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Navigate Wellbeing Solutions (Navigate), a Monks cutting-edge technology company and PrinciplesYou, a Ray Dalio today announced the launch of NavigateYOU powered by PrinciplesYou, a personality assessment designed to increase employee well-being and inclusion through in-depth personality archetypes and reports.

The NavigateYOU assessment powered by PrinciplesYou, the first of its kind fully integrated into an employee wellness solution, helps users better understand their own personality preferences and the impact each preference has on how they present themselves to the workplace. work, in family or in friendships. . With this comprehensive report, employees can better understand themselves and share this with others to improve collaboration in personal and professional relationships.

“We designed PrinciplesYou to help people gain the self-awareness and awareness of others that is essential for making good decisions and getting things done. We are excited to partner with Navigate as our premier wellness partner. to provide this tool to their 1.7M users,” said Adam Grantorganizational psychologist, author and co-creator of the PrinciplesYou assessment.

Many conflicts in and out of work stem from different worldviews and communication styles. With NavigateYOU, managers are equipped with tools to foster collaboration, teamwork and prioritize supportive communication. This not only improves team collaboration, but also helps managers prioritize workplace mental health by cultivating a sense of inclusion, understanding, and belonging in every employee.

Through the comprehensive NavigateYOU report, employees can access valuable data outlining their unique archetype, communication style, and specific recommendations on how to effectively relate to other members of their team based on this information.

HR managers then receive an aggregated report of team member personality archetypes, so they can better understand trends, talents, and growth opportunities and more effectively support organizational goals.

“The success of an organization begins with its employees,” said Troy Vincent, Founder and CEO of Navigate. “We all have skills and areas that need growth. By understanding our personal inventory of strengths and weaknesses, we can achieve greater success in engaging with others and even explore opportunities for growth in our careers and our personal well-being. The addition of NavigateYOU helps our clients go deeper who understand and drive innovative solutions around inclusion, belonging, employee well-being and their overall business goals.”

The online rating works on a seven-point scale, where individuals rate how well a set of descriptive items applies to them. The result includes a person’s score on 12 major traits, 36 sub-traits (called facets), and five independent scales. A person’s score is also reported on 28 archetypes derived from an algorithm based on facet scores. Finally, a detailed narrative report provides details about the meaning of a person’s scores on traits, facets, archetypes, and additional outputs.

NavigateYOU brings all of this information together to support an inclusive culture that promotes connection and community as well as mental health and overall employee well-being.

About Navigate Wellness Solutions
Navigate is a purpose-driven, technology-driven company that helps organizations create greater health and happiness in the employees, customers, and communities they serve. With over 1.7 million active users, the Navigate Wellness Platform aims to bring together all aspects of health and happiness with a single entry point to a comprehensive ecosystem of engagement and benefits. For the past 13 years, Navigate has helped organizations by connecting their business goals, mission, and values ​​to tailored wellness solutions for their teams.

About PrinciplesYou
PrinciplesYou was designed to help people discover who they really are. Among its creators are Ray Dalioan entrepreneur and investor who grew Bridgewater Associates from his two-bedroom apartment to the fifth-largest private company in the United States, and expert psychologists Dr. Adam Grantdr. Brian Small and dr. golden jeans. The test brings together their diverse expertise, combining the best assessment frameworks, cutting-edge personality science, and practical, proven insights from decades of business experience.

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