Why Physician-Led Team Care Is the Best Medicine for Kentucky

Growing up, I knew I wanted a job helping others. This passion is what drove me to become a doctor and helped me through years of medical school, residency, and ultimately into my own practice. It is the same passion that motivates me today to ensure that my patients receive the best care.

Of course, quality care requires a whole team of health care providers, and everyone involved plays an important role in meeting the needs of our patients. But it is important that doctors are at the helm, leading the way.

In a physician-led, team-based model of care, physicians and other healthcare professionals work collaboratively, within their experience and training, to ensure that patients are handled safely and effectively. More importantly, this model leads to the best health outcomes for our patients. A study by the American Medical Association found that physician-led care resulted in fewer emergency room visits, fewer hospital admissions and readmissions, shorter hospital stays, and health care costs. overall poor health.

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