Woman reveals her boyfriend asked her for $7 after buying her cold medicine: 'Hard pass'

Woman reveals her boyfriend asked her for $7 after buying her cold medicine: ‘Hard pass’

A woman stunned the internet after revealing her former boyfriend sent her a Venmo request for $7 after buying her cold medicine while she was sick.

Jackie, who goes by @jackieli852 on TikTok, shared the shocking story earlier this month. Since it was posted on November 7, Jackie’s video has been viewed nearly five million times, as TikTok users share their outrage at her ex-boyfriend’s “audacity” to charge her $7 for sex. cold medicine.

She started the story by stitching a video from TikTok user @jacklyn.fit who described how she often sees couples sending each other money on Venmo for food or other small items.

“I once felt really sick and asked my then boyfriend if he could buy me some cold medicine on the way home,” Jackie said in TikTok. “So after he finished the job, he went through CVS and picked up some DayQuil for me. Really nice of him, I really appreciate that.

Jackie then explained how she took the medicine when he arrived home and fell asleep.

“I woke up and he had Venmo charge me $7 for this drug,” she revealed. “Il Venmo charged me $7 for cold medicine.”

“Like, OK, grab your bag,” she joked, before shocking viewers that the two had been dating for four years when he sent the Venmo request.

Looking back, Jackie said she realizes how her Venmo request for $7 for a cold medicine was actually a red flag and now knows what to expect from her future relationships.

“I think I prefer a relationship where it’s like, ‘Hey, I’ll get this, you’ll get that next time,’ and we don’t track our spending, dollar by dollar,” she explained. “I should have known, but you know, we’re not together anymore so it wasn’t supposed to be.”

She captioned the TikTok with a plea to her future boyfriend, writing, “To my future boyfriend: please don’t do this to me.”

Many social media users were shocked that Jackie’s boyfriend asked her to repay him for the kind gesture considering they were in a long-term relationship. Some people claimed Venmo’s request was unnecessary and admitted that they wouldn’t even charge their acquaintances $7 for cold medicine, let alone their romantic partner.

“When you said four years my jaw dropped,” one person commented. “I can’t even get you cold medicine without Venmo’s request after four years.”

“Taking cold medicine on the way home is NOT super nice or sweet,” someone else said. “It’s literally something you shouldn’t even have to ask for.”

“I would buy cold medicine, free of charge, for even the sweetest of acquaintances,” another user said.

“I don’t trust couples who do this,” one person said, while another TikToker simply wrote, “Hard pass.”

Some people also took the opportunity to share how their partners tracked their minor expenses.

“My ex asked me to give him $2 for fries once…literally so embarrassing,” one person admitted.

“My ex charged me for gas because he had to pick me up from work. I had a medical emergency,” another user revealed.

“My ex of two years made me Venmo him for the avocado I wanted at the grocery store while we were shopping for dinner,” a third user shared.

Earlier this year, another woman went viral on TikTok when she revealed that her date with Venmo asked her for a drink because she didn’t want to go home with him.

In September, TikTok user Peyton – who goes by the username @peytonnriddle – shared a video about the “worst date [she’s] never been on”. Not only was his date with Hinge 45 minutes late, but he also forgot to make a reservation at the restaurant where they met. After arriving at their second location, Peyton said her date asked her to come home with him. He started arguing with her and became “aggressive” when she declined the offer.

“And he’s ultimately like, ‘I won’t be a beta male. Either you go home with me or you pay for the drinks I just bought you,” Petyon said in the video, adding that she sent $40 to the man on the scene to “never see [him] Again”.

Despite sending the Hinge match money for her drinks, Peyton said he continued to contact her by phone, prompting her to block him. She said he also asked for $20 more for his drinks.

“My worst date, how the story keeps getting worse,” she captioned the video.

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