MPD reports: Many mental health issues needing attention, multiple ongoing with same person

MPD reports: Many mental health issues needing attention, multiple ongoing with same person

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period November 10-17, 2022. Due to its length, this report has been divided into five parts. This is the first part. Please note that an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Welfare Report – Blaine St. In reference to a Tanglewood resident who was concerned for the safety of a named female subject.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – W. Spring St & Walmart. Report of possible drunk driver unable to maintain lane. Vehicle found and tracked, no violations found and everything seemed fine.
  • Follow-Up – Blaine St. In reference to a male subject’s wife contacting him against his binding terms. Report taken and remedies advised.
  • Suspicious person – N. Broad and Pavilion Prkwy. Named female subject of the above call in turn waving at vehicles. She was driven home by a friend when the officer arrived.
  • Warrant Service – Sorrells Street; The male subject was arrested for an outstanding parole violation. Subject was transported to the prison without incident.
  • Warrant Service – Carwood Dr. Male subject was arrested for probation violation. Subject was transported to the prison without incident.
  • Other Law – Highway 78 in reference to someone who dropped off the named female subject of the above appeals at the store and left her. She was taken to Advantage Behavior Health in Athens for examination.
  • Theft Report – Blaine St. In reference to an employee taking a jacket without paying for it, then later returning it for store credit at Marshall’s in Monroe. Report taken Delivered to the CID.
  • Wanted Person – Alcovy St in reference to a named male subject who has a probation violation warrant for his arrest. He was placed under arrest and transported to the Walton County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Dispute – Wellington Ln – In reference to a tow truck at the scene trying to repossess a vehicle. The tow truck driver was informed that the owner has the right to refuse repossession if he is on private property.
  • Dispute – Huddle House – In reference to the complainant stating that staff were rude to her teenage son. The complainant was advised that it was not against the law to be rude.
  • Dispute – Bridgeport Lane – In reference to a male subject’s girlfriend not letting him into the house. She was informed that he lived there so she couldn’t lock him up.
  • Traffic Stop – HWY 138 & Monroe Pavilion – Topic terminated as no tag posted. Subject was placed under arrest for driving with a suspended license, no tag displayed, violation of a limited license and vagrancy. Subject was transported to WCSO jail without incident, and the vehicle was towed by Taylors.
  • Auto-Enter – Harris St – In reference to a subject’s vehicle being entered and app money being sent cash to another person from their tablet in their vehicle. Report taken.
  • Area Check – Monroe Airport – An FAA contractor called 911 requesting an area check in reference to an emergency beacon activation. A check of the area was carried out and everything appeared to be correct.
  • EMS Assist – Carwood Dr- Walton EMS requests help with reference to a patient’s call history. Advised all good on arrival.
  • Citizen assistance – rue Blaine; MPD. A homeless woman asked for help. FISH was able to provide a room for three nights.
  • Shoplifting – W Spring St; Quality food – In reference to a shoplifting cough medicine. He was arrested for criminal trespassing and shoplifting and taken to WCSO jail without incident.
  • Dispute – South Broad St. (Asia Parks) called in reference to his mentally ill 19-year-old daughter. Temporary protection order and deportation process explained.
  • Dispute/Foot Chase – GW Carver Dr; In reference to a named male subject causing a disturbance on site. He had several WCSO terms. He was located on Booth Dr where he fled officers on foot and was not apprehended. Orders to take.
  • Mentally Ill – Sorrells Street. In reference to a named male subject having a mental episode. Delivered to EMS.
  • Suspicious Vehicle -Felker Park- Subject was taking a nap in his car during the day. Everything is fine.

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